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Tornado Insurance Lawyer

Most tornadoes are born out of severe thunderstorms or hurricanes. Tornado damage can be devastating and may completely demolish a home or business rendering a complete loss. Homeowners policies cover damage from tornadoes, which are usually classified as a high wind event. 

Insurance company assessments can fail to promptly and accurately investigate and assess damage. Pandit Law will help with valuing your contents and negotiate with your insurance company to prevent them from undervaluing the property damage and offer unreasonable settlements. We will interpret actual policy coverage and educate you on accurate depreciation values. While we understand you just want to get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible, it’s imperative you take every step to ensure you are paid the full amount that is rightfully owed to you. 

Pandit Law Approach

Our reputation and resources force the insurance companies to take our clients’ claims seriously and we will push for accurate compensation at a quick pace to prevent them from earning interest on the payment.  

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