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Wind Damage Claims

High-velocity winds can cause severe damage to your home and property and are covered in most homeowners insurance policies. Common windstorm claims involve home siding, missing or damaged roof shingles, fallen trees, damaged fences, and leaky, broken windows.

many property owners only call their insurance carrier to survey the roof for damage. This is strongly discouraged. Be proactive and contact Pandit Law to review your policy before you contact your insurer.

The Pandit Law Approach

We will prepare you for any ambiguous exclusions or limitations which may cause your claim to be denied. Our office can direct you to a competent, professional inspector on our team who will independently assess your damages because wind damage is not always obvious and not realized.

If you have already had the insurance analysis, contact us as your experienced attorney before accepting a wind damage offer or if you believe your claim has been wrongfully denied or delayed. Pandit law and our expert team will battle–and WIN.

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