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Hurricane Insurance Lawyer

Residents of the gulf south often deal with extreme weather conditions. Every June we have to prepare for the strong possibility for several intense hurricane and hurricane-like storms. This means more homeowners than ever are at risk for storm damage. In the aftermath of a storm, as a property owner we expect our insurance companies to help recover, including paying claims for property damage. 

Pandit Law Approach

Pandit law’s hurricane attorneys will be the advocate between you and your insurance company. Our goal is always to ensure that you get the money that you need to rebuild your home or to make needed repairs after your home has been damaged by wind and water. We understand how difficult it is to get back on track after a severe storm, and we will make sure that you are treated fairly by the insurance companies.

After you have suffered wind and water damage after a hurricane we know that home and property owners simply want to get the money they need to make repairs and recover after a storm.

You will need to work with attorneys who understand how insurance companies work and have a proven track record of winning compensation awards from insurance companies. Pandit Law has such a record. We advise you to a claim with your insurance company right away. You should avoid signing any documents or cashing anything less than full payment for your damages.

If your insurance company is trying to settle your claim for less than what you believe you are entitled to or your hurricane damage claim has been rejected, contact Pandit Law immediately.