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Flood Insurance Attorney

We know Flood Law and fight to get insured home and business owners the money they are rightfully owed.


Homeowners are left to scramble and pay out-of-pocket without the money that is rightfully owed to them. When this happens, you are not alone. Pandit Law will work to get the money owed to you.


At Pandit Law, our flood litigation team has years of experience in commercial flood insurance claims. Pandit Law’s will work to get the money you deserve during the recovery process.


You likely have a flood insurance claim if you had flood insurance at the time of Hurricane Harvey and flood water damaged your residential or commercial property.

This answer can be different for many people but the time to get additional help is when you are not satisfied with your initial payment from your flood insurance company because it does not reflect your policy, and therefore will not be enough for you to rebuild your home.

We understand flood law and have experience representing homeowners in some of the most devastating flood disasters in the United States. We are devoted to ensuring that affected homeowners get the help they deserve. We know how to fight flood insurance companies to help you get the money you need to repair your home. Receive a FREE CASE REVIEW today by one of our lawyers.

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