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Fire Insurance Claim Lawyer

When a home or business is damaged by a fire, policyholders often turn to their insurance company to help them pick up the pieces. Unfortunately, fire damage is usually more severe and costly than initial assessment. Fires often cause hidden damage to electrical systems, HVAC systems, and other areas of the home and insurance companies often deny or underpay legitimate claims.  

Insurance companies also often undervalue significant commercial losses for businesses. 

Commercial fire claims are complex and involve a number of different layers, including property damage, business interruption, and damage to inventories or other business property. We review your insurance policy to know the full extent of coverage. 

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Pandit Law Approach

Our team of experts to fully evaluate all aspects of your claim. If your claim has been wrongfully denied or inadequately compensated, call us. At Pandit Law, we pride ourselves in aggressively handling fire insurance claims, quickly to avoid litigation, while guiding our clients through the claims process.

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