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Attorney Referrals

We are attorneys hired as advisors, consultants and/or litigators depending on the circumstances. We are skilled in counseling policyholders and collaborating with counsel, risk managers, brokers, adjusters, trades and legal providers to ensure a unified result.


With over 500 attorneys covering more than 40 practice areas in 50 offices nationwide, our firm is well equipped to handle to a variety of litigation.


We have a winning track record both at trial and with pretrial settlements, and our attorneys recovered over a billion dollars last year alone.


Last year, we received thousands of referrals from all over the country and paid millions in referral fees.

Communicate directly with a Pandit Law attorney

When you refer a case, you will speak directly with one of our attorneys — not an assistant or paralegal. We will review the pertinent records, consult with you and your client, and analyze the merits of the case. If we accept your client’s case, we will protect your referral/co-counsel fee as allowed by state rules of professional conduct.

Don’t hesitate to call us at (504) 313-3800, or send us a message.